Working together

CCAT members work together to maximize progress to advance climate-aligned trade policies. Climate Advisers serves as secretariat of CCAT which is funded by  Breakthrough Energy.

Our Members

CCAT includes researchers from the following respected research centers and think tanks:

Some of the research centers listed above do not adopt organization-wide policy positions. Inclusion of their logos should be understood as conveying the endorsement of the specific scholars who participate in CCAT

Our Experts

Aaron Cosbey, International Institute for Sustainable Development

Alice Tipping, International Institute for Sustainable Development

Andrea Tilche, European Institute on Economics and the Environment

Aylin Shawkat, Agora Energiewende

Carlo Carraro, CMCC Foundation Strategic Board

Catrina Rorke, Climate Leadership Council

Christian Egenhofer, European University Institute

Domien Vangenechten, E3G

George Frampton, Atlantic Council

Jonny Peters, E3G

Jos Delbeke, European University Institute

Joseph Dellatte, Institut Montaigne

Keigo Akimoto, RITE

Massimo Tavoni, European Institute on Economics and the Environment

Matt Piotrowski, Climate Advisers

Matt Porterfield, Climate Leadership Council

Max Gruenig, E3G

Nigel Purvis, Climate Advisers

Oliver Sartor, Agora Energiewende

Ray Kopp, Resources for the Future

Sébastien Treyer, Institute for Sustainable Development and International Relations

Takahiro Ueno, CRIEPI